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Nepal Home Page General Information
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General Info

  • Deevio - Info On Nepal - General information about Nepal.
  • Festivals of Nepal - Information about festivals celebrated in Nepal.
  • Flora & Fauna - Nepal's flora & fauna i.e. Tropical Decidous monsoon Forest, Subtropical Mixed Forest, Temperate Evergreen Forest, Subalpine & Alpine Zone.
  • Glaciers of Nepal - Nepal's largest and biggest glaciers.
  • Information on the Himalayas of Nepal - Links related to Himalayan information in Nepal
  • Maoism in Nepal - Snapshots of Interview video on maoism in Nepal with Kanak Mani Dixit, Barbara Adams and Pratyoush Onta.
  • National Parks in Nepal - Information on National Parks of different places in Nepal.
  • Pilgrimage in Nepal - Information on Himalayas Pilgrimage in Nepal.
  • UN-Nepal Information Platform - This is the virtual home of the UN in Nepal, developed and maintained by OCHA to support coordination efforts through the sharing of information on humanitarian and development issues.
  • World Bank Data Sheet on Nepal (2000-2004) - Data Sheet provided by World Bank.
  • Nepal Home Page Travel Directory - Links to travel-related information
  • Nepal at a Glance - The basic fact sheet on Nepal.
  • World Bank Data Sheet on Nepal - For the years 1990,98 and 99
  • Atlapedia Online - Nepal - About Nepal's people, geography, history, economy, climate and transportation sector.
  • Nepal - A Country Study - Published by the Library of Congress in September 1991
  • NepalNet over Japan - Japanese language based website containing information on publication organisations.
  • The World Factbook page on Nepal - CIA's factbook on Nepal
  • Welcome to Nepal - A site by National Tourism Board
  • Window On Nepal - Information about climate,festivals,customs,trekking,Travel route, currency,mountain flight,etc...
Government and Politics

  • Communist Party of Nepal - Information on the Communist Party of Nepal.
  • Democratization and Political Parties of Nepal - Lecture presented at the South Asia Seminar, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, March 19, 1999
  • Gateway to Nepali Politics and Civil Society - This site provides information on Nepali politics, government and civil society. It also aims to serve as a resource and transit site for the subject areas such as civic education, human rights, caste and ethnicity, gender and women, conflict resolution a
  • Nepal Maoist's Website - Website related to Nepal Maoist.
  • Nepali Congress (current) - Ruling Political Party of Nepal.
  • Prime Minister's Personal Biography - Directory containing the Biography of the Prime Minister.
  • Nepal Home Page Government and Politics Directory - Directory of political and government-related links.
  • Nepal's Political Structure - An overview of Nepal's government and political institutions

  • Business, Commerce, Economy : Nepal - Pathfinder on the information about business, commerce, and economy in Nepal.
  • Economy & Finance - Economic Information, Data Yearly Economic Report etc.
  • Economy of Nepal - Sources: CIA World Factbook 2005, U.S. Dept. of State Country Background Notes (Source Date: 05/06)
  • Exchange rate - Information on the foreign exchange rates.
  • Ministry of Finance - Information on the ministry of Finance.
  • Nepal - The Economy - Brief on Nepalese Economy.
  • Nepal Stock Exchange - Information on the daily fluctuating rates of Stock Exchange.
  • Nepal Home Page Business and Economy Directory - Business and economic information and links
  • Nepal Home Page Development Directory - Information and links about development work and non-profit institutions.
Nepali Calendars

  • Calendar Converter - For conversion of Nepali dates to English dates and Vice Versa (by Rajan Nepal)
  • Nepali Calendars (Bikram Sambat) - Current, Future and Past Years' Nepali Calendars
  • Bikram Sambat Calendar - Nepalese calendar from year 1 to 100000000001

  • Geography in Detail - Description of Nepal's geography on every section (The Mountain Region, The Hill Region, The Tarai Region, Climate, Rivers and more..)
  • Geography of Nepal - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
  • Nepal - Geography - By CIA Factbook - Nepal's geography by CIA factbook.
  • Nepal Geography - 2006 - SOURCE: 2006 CIA WORLD FACTBOOK
  • Nepal: Geography Map, Information and Data - Complete info. on Nepal's Geography.
  • Nepal: Geographical Features - Geographic features of Nepal.

  • The Royal Massacre - A special coverage of NHP of the shocking incident of June 1, 2001.
  • Nepal Home Page: The Kings of Nepal - Information on Kings of Nepal
  • Nepal Home Page: The Prime Ministers of Nepal - Information on the PMs of Nepal
  • Nepal: A Brief History - A brief history of the kingdom of Nepal.
  • Nepal History - A comprehensive site on history of nepal
People and Society

  • Jwajalapa - A window to newar culture
  • Nepal Home Page Arts, Culture and Society Directory - Information and links on the arts, culture and society of Nepal.
  • Nepal: People and Society - A brief statistical overview.
Places Around

  • Bungamati - A living Heritage

  • A Map of Nepal (Nepal Home Page)
  • Map of Kathmandu Valley
  • Map of Nepal - Medteams
  • Map of Nepal - Political 1999
  • Maps Of 1278 Towns And Cities In Nepal
  • Maps of Nepal from Reliefweb
  • Navigable Map of Kathmandu
National Emblems

  • The National Anthem of Nepal - Lyrics and Chords
Nepali Flag

  • Flags of Nepal - Flags of Nepal in different sizes from theodora.com
  • World Flag Database - Maintained by Graham Bartram

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