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  • Nepal Election Portal - A complete portal for Elections in Nepal.
  • General Elections 2051 B.S. - Final Results of general elections held on November 1994
  • General Elections 2056 B.S. - Results and documents from the general elections of 1999
  • Election Commission - The Election Commission conducts all local and national elections in Nepal.
Government Information

  • Budget at a glance(1997-2003) - Budget info in figures
  • Annual Policy and Program of Government of Nepal (2006/07) - Information on Annual Policy and Program of Nepal Government.
  • Budget at a glance (2004-2007) - Budget info in figures.
  • Department of Information - Information on current issues of Nepal
  • Ministries - Complete information on the ministries of Nepal.
  • National Police Academy
  • Nepali Congress
  • Budget Information - Budget information of different years
  • Council of Ministers - Current and past cabinets of His Majesty's Government
  • Nepal's Political Structure - An overview of Nepal's government and political institutions
  • Department Of Taxation Online - Allows people to surf and download direct tax related information.
  • Governments on the WWW - Nepal - Links to the Nepali government sites on the internet.
  • Trade Agreements Of Nepal With Other Countries - Trade Agreements between Nepal and Other countries of the world
Government Agencies

  • NHP Yellowpages - Government and Politics - Embassies, consulates, Ministries and departments, political parties etc.
  • Nepal Police
  • Royal Nepalese Army
  • The Supreme Court of Nepal - It is composed of the Chief Justice of Nepal, fourteen Justices and adhoc Judges.
  • Nepal Rastra Bank - Nepal's Central Bank
  • Election Commission - The Election Commission conducts all local and national elections in Nepal.
Law & Constitution

  • Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA)
  • Nepal Gazette - Published by His Majesty's Government
  • The Supreme Court of Nepal - It is composed of the Chief Justice of Nepal, fourteen Justices and adhoc Judges.
  • Constitution of Nepal - The Constitution of Nepal
  • Constitution of Nepal - an Analysis - An analysis of Nepal's constitution
  • International Constitutional Law - Nepal Index - Briefly outlines Nepal's history since 1972, and provides the text of its constitution

  • NHP Yellowpages - Diplomatic Missions Abroad - Royal Nepal embassies and consulates
  • NHP Yellowpages - Embassies & Consulates - Foreign diplomatic missions in Nepal
  • NHP Yellowpages - Government and Politics - Embassies, consulates, Ministries and departments, political parties etc.
  • NHP Yellowpages - Political Parties - Offices of various political parties
  • Nepal Democracy - Information on Nepali politics, government and civil society.
  • Royal Nepalese Embassy in Berlin, Germany - Information on the Nepalese Embassy in Berlin,Germany.
  • Royal Nepalese Embassy in Tokyo, Japan - Information on the Nepalese Embassy in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Royal Nepalese Embassy in Washington, United States of America - Information on the Nepalese Embassy in Washington, United States of America.
  • Nepal Home Page Whitepages and Phone Directory - Search for phone numbers...
  • Royal Nepalese Embassy, London - Includes various information on Nepal and the Embassy.
Local Government

  • Bhaktapur Municipality - Website containing information on Bhaktapur City.
  • Kathmandu Metropolitan City - This Webpage provides you information on Kathmandu Metropolitan City.
Advocacy Sites

  • Advocacy - Wikipedia - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
  • Maiti Nepal - Dedicated to the prevention of girl trafficking and reintegration of the victims
  • Oxygen Research and Development Forum - TB/HIV Advocacy project supported by Open Society Institute.
  • Bhutanese Refugees Database - Information on Bhutanese Refugees maintained by Association of Human Rights Activists,(AHURA)
  • Human Rights And People'S War In Nepal - This website provides News, Reports and information about the Maoist People's War in Nepal.
  • Sex Trafficking in Nepal - Site dedicated to protesting trafficking of girls in Nepal and rape of women tourists.

  • Country Reports onHuman Rights Practices-2000 - Released by the Bureau of democracy, Human Rights & Labour.
  • UN Human Right Activities 2001
  • UN Human Right Activities 2002
  • UN Human Right Activities 2003
  • US State Department Reports on Religious Freedom in Nepal: (2001-2003)
  • 1997 Human Rights in Nepal - The U.S. State Deparment's annual human rights report
  • 1998 Human Rights Report Nepal - U.S. State Department's annual human rights report for Nepal for 1998
  • 1999 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices - Nepal - Annual human rights report published by the U.S. State Department; released Feb. 25, 2000
  • Amnesty International: Publications On Nepal - Annual Reports, publications and news releases of Amnesty International on Nepal
  • HRW on Nepal - Nepali women and girls trafficked to India
  • HRW Publications On Nepal - Publications from human rights watch
  • U.S. State Department Reports On Religious Freedom In Nepal: 2000
  • UN Human Rights Activities 1997
  • UN Human Rights Activities 1998
  • UN Human Rights Activities 1999
  • UN Human Rights Activities: 2000
Political Leaders

  • Dr Dilli Raman Regmi - Nepalese Freedom Fighter, Historian and Philanthropist
  • BP Koirala - A talk about BP Koirala by Kanak Mani Dixt, Pratyoush Onta and Barbara Adams
  • King Gyanendra Shah
  • Leaders of Nepal - List of all the leaders of Nepal.
  • B.P. Koirala - Biography of Late B.P. Koirala, leader of Nepali Congress and first Democratically elected Primeminister of Nepal
  • Chandra Sumsher - Rana Primeminister who established Nepal's first college: Tri-Chandra College
  • King Birendra - A revered Monarch of Nepal
  • King Mahendra - King who established Panchayat system from 1960. Panchayat was the political system for 30 years in Nepal.
  • King Tribhuvan - King Tribhuwan lead the first democratic movement in Nepal on 1950s to remove Ranas from the power.
  • Madan Bhandari - Late Madan Bhandari was the General Serectary of Communist Party of Nepal(UML)
  • Manmohan Adhikari - Biography of Former Primeminister and Leader of Communist Party of Nepal(UML)
  • Nepal Home Page: The Kings of Nepal - Information on Kings of Nepal
  • Nepal Home Page: The Prime Ministers of Nepal - Information on the PMs of Nepal
  • Pushpa Lal - Pushpa Lal was the founder General Serectary of Communist Pary of Nepal
  • Tanka Prasad Acharya - Leader of Praja Parisad, first political party in Nepal
  • Ganesh Man Singh - Biography in Nepali of Late Ganesh Man Singh, Supreme Leader of Nepali Congress, September 27, 1997

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